What Is the Cost of Tree Removal?

You may have been told that tree removal can be costly, and that is all true. In fact, in some cases, it can cost a lot, depending on the present circumstance of the tree to be removed. What no one may have told you yet, is that there is no exact price for tree removal. If you hire a professional tree service company, they will consider specific variables to determine the cost of the service. When you know how tree companies compute the pricing, you will have a more informed outlook as to what to do with your tree.

First, we must learn the basic services included in standard tree removal. Most companies climb the tree and cut the wood and branches into smaller portions and continue to do so until they only have the trunk to work with. They also handle the limbs and tree-related debris for free. Many companies, however, don’t include the following services in their tree removal package, so make sure to have extra cash if you want to avail of the following:

  • Stump removal – It is rare to find a company that offers stump removal along with tree removal. If you don’t want to be left with an eyesore stump, be ready to pay extra for this service.
  • Limb chipping – Most tree companies nowadays bring their chippers along with them. You have an option to have them hauled away or be placed into their chippers. Limb chipping can add around $100 to the total service cost.
  • Tree trunk removal – With tree trunk removal, you can expect the tree contractor to reduce the trunk into manageable parts. However, hauling them away may not be included in their package.
  • Log splitting – It’s good to save some wood for firewood purposes, so you can ask the tree service company if they offer log splitting service. It typically costs an additional $75 for this service.

How Much Will It Cost to Remove My Tree?

Now that we know the cost of the additional services, we should now talk about the price of the actual tree removal. As mentioned above, the amount of tree removal largely depends on certain factors, including its size:

Large tree removal can cost up to $2,500 – No reputable company will remove your tree for a hundred dollars. Don’t let bargain offers fool yourself because they can be a scam. Remember that no amount of money that you can save is worth more than your safety.

Fallen tree removal can cost up to $250- It is less costly to remove a fallen tree than a living one because there are fewer risks involved. Make it clear with the tree removal company if you want the logs and wood hauled away or chipped off.

Tree branch removal can cost up to $500- Sometimes you don’t need the entire tree to be removed, but just a few dead branches in some areas. If it involves power lines, you can call your local utility service to have the entangled branches removed for free. However, if you want branches removed for aesthetic purposes, it is best to contact a tree removal company.

Tree removal may cost you some cash but keep in mind that more than anything else, your safety comes first.

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