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Tree trimming sounds straightforward, but the actual work is a complex process. If done by a non-professional, it may create more damage to the homeowner and the property itself.  On the other hand, trimming a tree following the right procedure – the way our expert professionals do – improves its shape and health, adding beauty to your landscape. The efficient way we trim the trees is the reason tree owners continue to call Robin’s Tree Service in Columbia, MO.

Our licensed tree specialists adhere to the Arbor Day Foundation’s established guidelines for tree trimming. We know that each tree is unique. We, therefore, work on an individual tree and avoid grouping the trees. Another way of stating our trimming service is that we use different approaches and strategies that are appropriate to each tree. We assess the need of your tree appropriately to restore its shape and its health, taking note of the species’ natural beauty.

Tree Trimming

Upon receiving your call, one of our specialists visits your property and evaluates the situation. When the assessment is through, you will be given a suggested approach and a free quote for our services. At the same time, our staff will discuss with you a convenient time and date to start work on trimming the tree. Recognizing that you know your tree and property, we are open to suggestions and encourage ideas from you concerning the style of trimming and the preferred result. If it appears that the tree is in danger of being damaged due to over-trimming, we may suggest an alternative approach.

On the agreed date, with a two-hour window, our tree experts will be at your property carrying the equipment necessary for the job with them. We use equipment that is specially designed for tree trimming. If you are uncomfortable with the heavy equipment, we are happy to use the climbing gear to trim your tree. Please inform us before our scheduled date, so our tree professionals arrive with the right equipment. Work begins after the team sets up crew and equipment for the work process.

The work process starts by doing the skillful and necessary cuts from the branches down toward the base. There is a ground crew taking care of clearing the debris to prevent accidents. Once trimming is completed, the small branches are put in the chipper, while the larger ones are stacked on your property. You could also choose to haul the large branches away on a truck.

Trimming a tree is sensitive work; every cut applied to the tree affects its growth. For this reason, it is necessary that you get the services of a company you know and can trust. We thrive on the trust of our clientele who continue to call for our services. Trimming a tree is not only a science but also an art, and our experts are knowledgeable in both. Allow us to serve your tree-related needs and experience the expertise and the results of our tree specialists’ work – call Robin’s Tree Service today. 

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    When looking for expert and cheap tree trimming services in Columbia, we are the team to call. As local tree trimmers, our focus is on providing top-notch service to our community. Our local tree trimming service stands out among other local tree trimming companies for our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. 

    We pride ourselves on being an affordable tree cutting service that doesn’t compromise on the level of care we provide to your trees. With years of experience in the tree cutting business, we have honed our skills to ensure your trees are trimmed with precision and expertise. Trust us for all your tree trimming needs in Columbia.

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