How to Hire a Tree Removal Company

How to Hire a Tree Removal Company

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Owning a yard makes you responsible for the trees in it. No matter how much you put off maintaining them, sooner or later, you will realize the need for hiring a tree removal company to take care of the dead and damaged branches in it, or even take it down completely. When an intense storm hit your area and knocked down your trees, what should you do after? You may think of doing the job on your own, but it’s just too risky. Given this situation, you need the help of a professional tree service company to handle the situation without causing further damage to your property.

As much as possible, we never want this to happen to you, but some things are beyond our control, which is why we have to be prepared to face them when they take place. The chances of a tree getting uprooted and falling on your property get higher in the face of a storm. You need assistance from the experts because the job is not for someone without experience in the field.

It can be challenging to hire a tree service company, mainly if you are doing it for the first time. You need to know as many pertinent things about the company before you decide to get their service. Here are some of the most crucial information to look for when hiring a tree service company:

The First Step in Hiring a Tree Removal Company

Begin the process by getting in touch with your insurance provider. Have them assessed the extent of the damage and if your policy covers it. Hopefully, your insurance provider will cover for the tree removal.

Then, you can now begin your search for the best tree company to tackle the task. Keep in mind that tree work is more complicated than it seems, which is why it is critical to hire someone you can trust and someone knowledgeable and experienced in the business. Be careful not to hire a company with a shady reputation because they can be one of those who will leave the brush all over the place for you to clean.

You can ask around your neighborhood if they recently used tree service. Talk to them and ask who they run to when they have tree concerns. Contact the tree company they referred to and, if possible, meet them personally, so you can better discuss things.

Getting an Estimate

Ideally, get at least three quotes from reputable tree services. This will give you a sense of how much the average cost of tree service is. You will be able to compare the scope of their services and any additional work they have. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come up to mind during the interview. You need to make an informed decision, and a trustworthy tree company will have no problem answering your questions.

You don’t have to get the service just because you were given a free estimate. If a company pressures you to do so, eliminate them from your choices. Once you’ve made a decision, call the company and inform them about it. If you think the company is charging you an unreasonably high price, you can always haggle.

Look for License and Insurance Information

One of the first things you should ask a tree company before hiring them is if they are licensed and insured. You don’t want to do business with a company that is not legally registered because, in case of a problem, you will have a hard time filing a complaint in your county office. A licensed tree service is an assurance that they are trustworthy, and they mean serious business.

You need to verify with the tree service if they have insurance, both general liability and workers’ compensation. Insurance is critical in this work because anything can happen while they are on your property. If you hire a tree service without proper protection and one of their workers gets injured, you will be held liable for it. Making sure that the company you are hiring has an insurance policy is your way to protect yourself from any obligations, in case something wrong occurs. Never hesitate to ask the company for a recent copy of their insurance policy.

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